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Tidy desk, clear mind?

Delighted to be part of the Minimalism challenge as I love de-cluttering both at home and for my work. I got off to a great start at the week-end as Geraldine and I hosted a table for Dochas, one of our favourite charities, where we sold on some of our better pieces of clothing to customers and friends. This is a great day every year and I have been doing a table for the last 10 years or so. Apart from being such a great cause, it has really helped me to keep my wardrobe(s) tidy and updated.

I work from a home office but am out and about almost every day with clients, attending meetings etc, so one of my big challenges is finding time to keep my office clean and organised. This is all about planning and time management, so I have to make sure that I plan in some time in my office each week to keep my live files organised and to plan out my schedule for the coming week. I always try to keep my desk as clear and tidy as possible, keep a to-do list and a workplan for the following week.

The saying ‘tidy desk clear mind’ is so true. Well, for me it is! Recently there has been a lot of coverage in the press about the late Karl Lagerfield’s untidy desk. He apparently worked surrounded by a mountain of paperwork, with his cat sleeping in the middle of it all! This lends credence to the school of thought that believes that messy desks are a sign of a genius at work. It’s a case of whatever works for you — Vivre et laisser vivre!

What works for me is … when my desk is clear, my to-do list is updated and I know my plans for the following week, then I have clear mind and I can relax in the knowledge that I have my workload under control.

This is not to say, that things don’t get on top of me from time to time, they do, and sometimes despite my best efforts, when I am very busy I can get very disorganised. I don’t let this stress me too much, I just recognise that I am having a very busy period, take stock, refocus and start again. That’s the thing about planning and time management, if you fail from time to time, you can always start again the following week.

Again, the old adage is true, ‘if at first you fail, try, try and try again’. In other words, never give up on what you aspire to achieve, keep driving on towards your aspirations!

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Two takes on the same theme. Joint motivational blog for success at work and home by author Geraldine O’Neill and HR Consultant Anne Scally.

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