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Anne and Paul Moore discussing his career change from accountant to photographer.

Anne and I met up with creative, award-winning Irish photographer, Paul Moore, recently, who told us about the fascinating journey he has taken from being an accountant and financial advisor to starting up his own photography business.

I first came across Paul Moore’s work on Facebook and later on other social media platforms. His work is very distinctive and stops you in your tracks amidst the hundreds of other photographs and posts. Looking at his pictures is almost like viewing a piece of art work, as he is drawn to vibrant, colourful images which often have a surreal touch to them. His great eye for detail ensures that each picture becomes so much more when he adds his artistic touches at the editing stage.

He has a wide range of photographic subjects including landscapes, portraits and family groups, weddings, well-known landmarks in County Offaly, architectural gems in Dublin and other places, and all things of nature. He also sells fine art photography print.

I was delighted when I heard that some of Paul’s beautiful winter photographs had also been published as unique Christmas Cards. Paul had done his ‘editing magic’ adding nostalgic touches to the cards such as a sleigh in the distant skyline or a small ‘Santa’ figure coming across a local field. I contacted him and ordered several packs of cards, which were received so enthusiastically by family and friends in the UK, Europe and America, that I have continued to buy his new range every Christmas since.

Saints, Scholars and Sleighs in County Offaly

Over coffee, Anne and I asked Paul how he got into photography, and he explained that his interest was ignited back in 2008 when he got his first iPhone.

“I started out by taking snapshots of my children. At the time I wouldn’t have used a camera regularly, but I always had the phone and I began to experiment with it. I was surprised with the results, and especially glad that I could capture all those candid and impromptu moments of early childhood. Shortly after I got the phone the App Store was launched and photo editing apps were among the first apps to appear on the store. These opened up a whole world of creativity for me and an obsession with photography was born.”

Paul carried on experimenting and learning everything he could about the craft of photography, and found Youtube a great source of information. When he became more confident, he started to post his photos on various social media and photographic platforms, and was very encouraged by the enthusiastic response. Within a short time he began to receive invitations to show his photos at exhibitions round the world showcasing iPhone photography.

It is interesting to note that as someone so proficient in his craft, that Paul is self-taught. It is even more interesting when you discover that he is not the only artist who has taken this route in his family, as his father — the well-known pianist and music teacher, Michael Moore, is also self-taught! What a great inspiration for artists of all backgrounds who, for whatever reason, prefer to travel down the less formal route.

As he became more experienced and experimental, Paul became aware of the limitation of the iPhone camera, and decided it was time to invest in more serious camera equipment, and to study light and composition which enabled him to push beyond previous boundaries. But he feels that that the experience he gained in these early years with the iPhone was invaluable, as he progressed from basic entry level DSLR’s to the suite of professional equipment he currently uses.

After several years of working in the office by day and punching in long hours editing his photographs at night, Paul took the decision to leave a secure, professional career to pursue his dream of being a full-time photographer. It was a leap of faith as he had to weigh up the financial implications for himself and his family — but one that has paid off.

We are all now aware of the benefits of working every day at what you love - and Paul’s comment about his new career fully endorses that — “Photography is not a job to me, it’s my passion.”

His work has also helped promote his native County Offaly in Ireland. “I like to try and show off the local area where I live and places around Ireland as well.”

Bluebell time in the woods at Charleville Castle in Tullamore, County Offaly Ireland

The amazing photograph above is a typical example of Paul’s work, and you can view more of it on his website and Facebook and Instagram pages.

Paul continues to inspire and encourage novice photographers, as he now gives workshops and talks on photography to a wide range of groups.

But, he tells us, he is also mindful of work and life balance, and when he finished chatting to us, rushed off to meet his lovely wife for a ‘date lunch’!

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