Geraldine & Anne are taking The Minimalists Challenge starting tomorrow — March 1st! 😱😰
We had already started sorting out clothes for a local charity fashion event (Buttons & Bows) on Sunday, March 3rd 2019, and had also recently talked about general de-cluttering and the craze for Marie Kondo’s advice about getting rid of clothes and household items that do not ‘Spark Joy’ for you.

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Geraldine culling her wardrobe and cupboards

Then synchronicity found us when The Minimalists post appeared on Instagram, and we decided to go with the challenge!
(Geraldine) I watched a film about The Minimalists around Christmas, and I thought they were lovely, funny, intelligent guys and I love their life philosophy. You can catch it on Netflix and it’s well worth watching 🙂
We will keep you updated regularly as to how we are getting on with our de-cluttering challenge.
If anyone would like to join us, here is the link to their 30-Day Minimalism Game.

We have already started de-cluttering and are at the chaos stage where everything is out on the bed or sofa, while decisions are made about whether items are for sale, for keeping or for donating to charity.

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Goody Two Shoes — making a start!

It is a great feeling to think that the items we no longer need or want, will give someone else a great bargain and ‘Spark Joy’ for them!

It’s also good to know that perfect clothes are being given a second chance, saving people money, and not going to over-flowing land-fills. A win-win situation all round!

If you decide to join us in The Minimalism Game, let us know in the comments below, and we can all keep tabs on each other!
Anne & Geraldine

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Two takes on the same theme. Joint motivational blog for success at work and home by author Geraldine O’Neill and HR Consultant Anne Scally.

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